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Even newer free-motion quilters will gain ease and spontaneity in this class. I'll show you the basic skills I rely on for improvisational quilting and give you multiple exercises to try out these approaches yourself. As you watch me stitch and then do your own stitching, you'll grow in confidence and intuitive awareness. 

Originally offered at QuiltCon Together!

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  1. 01
    • 01 - Introduction

  2. 02
    • 02 - Designs You Know

    • 03 - Basic Skills

  3. 03
    • 04 - Listening to Your Line

    • 05 - Stitching Listening to Your Line

  4. 04
    • 06 - Combining Base Designs

    • 07 - Stitching Combining Base Designs

  5. 05
    • 08 - From a Mark to a Design

    • 09 - Stitching from a Mark to a Design

Drawing Allover Spirals

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  • Is this a course for beginners?

    Not exactly. It's more of an intermediate class. You will need an introduction to free-motion before this class. If you are a confident beginner though (meaning you have ever successfully free-motion quilted on your home machine), then I would say you'll get a lot out of this class. Beyond being able to make a few free motion designs, you don't need to have any particular level of experience. These concepts can be used by quilters of varying experience levels.

  • I'm a long armer - can I take this class?

    Yes! Long arm quilters often take my classes. We are focusing on how designs are built and the process of building the design is the same regardless of the machine you work on.

  • How long will I have to complete the class?

    You will have access to the class for at least 6 months following sign-up (and possibly much longer) I will notify registered students by email at least one month prior to any class being taken down, to allow them time to complete any unwatched lessons.

  • What supplies do I need?

    In this class you will work on practice quilt sandwiches (fabric/batting/fabric) that are basted together. Two fat quarter sized pieces should be enough for most quilters. Beyond that you'll need your sewing machine sew up for free-motion, and a notebook and pen.

  • How much is the class?

    The class price is $45.

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What quilters are saying

  • "You're amazing! You make me want to free motion quilt instead of being scared of it."
  • "This was a FANTASTIC class. Not only did I learn new skills, but I found that Christina's process is indeed very relaxing and is a style of FMQ that I thought I would never be able to do (but her presentation made it very clear and easy)."
  • "Christina is a natural in front of the camera and this was truly how an online class should be done! She is wonderful and really has this online teaching method down pat between her lecture and demos it really felt like I was taking a live class. Appreciate the thought that went into making this class a success."